Download and Install Astah

Download Astah from our Download page.
If you are a student, fill the form to get a free student license.

About Java

Installers for Windows and Mac OS have required JRE included.
Linux users need to set up required Java by yourself by following the instructions.

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Start Astah

You can launch Astah by:

  • Choosing [Astah] from the Start menu or
  • Double-clicking Astah’s app icon or .asta file

When launching Astah, it automatically looks for new updates through HTTP access and shows a dialogue if newer version is available.
If you wish not to check for updates, change the option from [Tools] – [System Properties] – [Other].
Software update check

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Set License

When a license is not set up yet, a license dialog appears. You can open this from [Help] – [License].

If you have a floating license, click [Set Floating License]. For further steps, please read the floating license guide.
If you have a non-floating license, click [Set License key] and specify your license file (.xml).
A free 20-day trial is included at the first installment. Once the first 20 days are over, please purchase a license.

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Astah Interface

When you start Astah for the first time, you may get this blank screen.

But when you create a project or a diagram, all the panes will go active as below:

Astah Interface

  1. Main Menu: Lists of basic menu
  2. Project View: Show model information in a tree and where you search and set alias…etc.
  3. Map View: View controller of the diagram view
  4. Property View: Edit detailed information of the selected model
  5. Diagram Editor: A canvas where you draw diagrams